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Are you ready to live your best life?

Not just an average every day good life, but a life changing, dream like life where you have time and money freedom and spend your days doing what you love?

Over the course of the next 4 months we want to show you exactly what we do daily, what tools and resources we use, how we think, and who we work with because we want to show YOU how to transform YOUR life and financial future using real estate investing as the vehicle.

Good News, You don’t need a real estate license, experience or a college degree! 

Anna Howard

Sharon Paisley

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The next Momentum Mentoring Group starts August 7th @ 5pm PST

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Have you been wishing, hoping and thinking about a different path in life? One that is full of happiness, fun and financial independence?

This 4 month mentorship is designed to put you on the path to financial freedom. It’s a look into the day to day life of what it really takes to be a real estate investor, it’s just what you need to begin creating a life you love and that provides time and money freedom for you. And. . . its online. Plus, you’ll be personally mentored by 2 successful real estate experts (more about them later).

Using creative financing, grit, hard work, determination, the desire to be our own bosses, control our own time, schedule, and financial future we’ve been able to build real estate businesses that work FOR us and not the other way around.  We want to help you achieve that same life.

Are you ready to leave your 9-5? Do you want to have more time and money for travel? Do you want to retire with financial security and peace of mind? Are you sick and tired of just getting by?

Let’s talk straight. There is no shortage of free training out there on how to be a real estate investor.  It seems like everyone and their brother is teaching a “new strategy” and a “new secret” every other day.

Here’s the reality, you can read, watch videos, attend live events, download all the free resources, ask questions in Facebook groups, and network until you’re blue in the face, but when it comes to pulling the trigger and taking action MANY people just freeze up.  They believe they need to read more, learn more, and know more.

It’s been our experience that isn’t true. You have the knowledge and the know how.  What you need is the confidence.

Momentum Mentoring was designed to give you that confidence. We take you by the hand and walk with you through the process of being a real estate investor. We share with you what we’re doing and what it takes to get deals.

Whether you’re looking to do your first deal or you just want to buy more with consistent, proven techniques . . . we can help.

Momentum Mentoring gives you that second (and third) set of eyes and additional support to look over deals, guide you through due diligence, raising money, funding deals and making offers. Momentum Mentoring is the confirmation that you’re doing the right things, at the right time for the right deal.


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Momentum Mentoring offers a terrific opportunity to receive small group coaching, training, and support from 2 experts while benefiting from the successes, challenges, experiences, and support of other group participants. This makes group coaching an affordable and accessible option for anyone. 

Think of it as Small Group Coaching and Mentoring meets Mastermind group with Accountability.

As Humans, We NEED the support of a community with people who are going through the same challenges.  Especially when we’re venturing into uncharted territory and trying something new!

So, what is MOMENTUM MENTORING? This is mentorship for real estate investors looking to learn from other experienced investors, and get their specific questions answered to confidently ensure that you can begin making money faster, with less risk and more profits than ever before!!!

Our collective experience ranges from all business models and over 51 combined years! Together we’ve completed over . . .

WHO is

Deborah Razo

 Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker, and Coach.  Always an independent spirit Deborah started her first business in 1990.  With her first house flip netting near $100,000 in profits, her business took off! She continued to flip to create the capital to buy single-family and multi-family rentals creating long-term wealth. She is the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Network and was named Woman to Watch by the national publication Think Realty.

Cortney Jones

is a 30-year Investor, Coach, Realtor, and National Speaker who loves wholesaling, creative financing, and subject-to-deals and has raised over $7 million in private money. Cortney is known as one of the nation’s leading experts with hands-on experience spanning 3 decades and has spoken on stage with experts such as Pace Morby, Cody Sperber, Richard Roop, George Antone, and more. Cortney loves the fact that she can balance her real estate investing with her family and philanthropic work


A big part of what makes up MOMENTUM MENTORING are the participants. Those that are here to share, learn, grow and encourage one another. A TRUE COMMUNITY where we can learn from one another, share stories, support goals, and encourage efforts and action! 

After all, that’s what it’s all about!

When You Join MOMENTUM MENTORING here’s what you can expect:

Many of the experts and “guru’s” charge $15,000 – $75,000 for a year of working “with” them and you will rarely see them or talk to them directly.

MOMENTUM MENTORING is only $1,497 for 4 full months of support, encouragement, accountability, education and expertise. And, Deborah and Cortney will be working with you DIRECTLY EVERY 2 WEEKS.

Mentoring dates: 8/7/23; 8/14/23; 8/28/23; 9/11/23; 9/25/23; 10/9/23; 10/23/23; 11/6/23; and 11/20/23

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, or what area of investing you focus on, we all share the common goal ~ having more time freedom and using real estate to fund our ideal lifestyle.

2023 Is Your Time to Stop Learning and Start Taking Action

Our promise to you . . .

We will give 100% of our knowledge and selves to help you take action and succeed.  We promise to kick you in the butt and call you out when it’s needed and we promise to tell you like it is to help you achieve your goals.  We also promise to encourage you, support you and guide you through the process of building confidence and inspiration to take action!

Always forward, ever upward momentum,

Amanda Zuber

Kristi Dowd

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can't attend live on Monday nights?

A: Momentum Mentoring is a live experience that teaches you specific steps for taking action and how to move forward in your real estate investing goals. All of the training sessions will be recorded and available to rewatch in our private Facebook group, However, there is no substitute for being there live and in person and having the direct opportunity to talk with Deborah and Cortney about YOUR specific struggles, questions, and successes!

Q: Are there any guarantees or a money-back period?

A: Yes, we 100% guarantee you that we will give you our all and share everything you need for success! When you enroll in Momentum Mentoring you will be given immediate access to resources, forms, and training along with access to our community. Due to the live nature of the class and immediate access to resources we do not have a cancellation or money-back period. We will do everything in our power to point you toward success and give you step-by-step support. Your success, however, is determined by your willingness to follow directions and take action.

Q: Will you be teaching me how to wholesale or rehab?

A:  Momentum Mentoring is designed for those that already have a basic understanding of various business models and just need specific mentoring and action steps to feel comfortable moving forward.  We will not be going through specifically HOW to do any one business model, but we will be covering steps to take action for each business model.  There is also a great deal of time given every other call for talking through your specific struggles, challenges, successes, and wins!

Q: I do not have Facebook. Is there any way I can participate?

A: You can watch the live training sessions through a special link that will be emailed to you weekly. However, having a Facebook account will be beneficial to you for networking with other participants, posting questions you have in between sessions, and gaining full access to all the resources available to you.

Q: Will Cortney and/or Deborah be available to help me with my deals?

A: You will have access to Cortney and Deborah every 2 weeks, live throughout the 4-month period.  You can also post deal questions and information in the private Facebook group. If you think that you will need 1:1 assistance then you will have an opportunity to book specific 1:1 time with Deborah or Cortney outside of the group training calls.

Q: Is there a payment plan option?

A: It’s been our experience that those who are unwilling to commit 100% financially are also unwilling to commit 100% to their own success and taking action.  Other programs charge $50,000 and up for this kind of access to experienced mentors and trainers so we think the small commitment to your own success is fair.

Q: What is the format and what will I learn?

A: There are 2 calls each month that are 2 hours long each. The first call of each month will be a teaching call where we will cover a specific topic (getting deals, due diligence, raising money, and systems/processes) and you will be given time for questions/answers and a homework ACTION assignment to complete. You’ll also be assigned an accountability partner(s) to help encourage you along the way and hold you accountable for your goals for the week.  The 2nd call of each month will be a round robin where we will all share – what we did, what got in the way, what we accomplished, how we overcame obstacles, and what to do next to move forward to the next step. Cortney and Deborah have also come up with some fun ways to gamify the experience so you’ll have fun while taking action!

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