Learn how this Woman threw her
hat in the ring and came out Winning!

Meet Clarissa, one of our WREN members. You’ll hear how she secured a property to cashflow. Wanna know how much she made? Yes, she was getting that passive income and she will break down how in this recorded case study. What was her purchase price, what she did with it and how much it cash flowed is available to you now. Oh, and take a look at those before and after pictures.  Register Now! 

During this time, we will give you an overview of WREN and highlight a case study from one of our members! Get into the powerful energy of top women real estate investors today! WREN is all about doing deals! And building a community to help other women do the same!

The Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN) is for women investors by women investors. Women! Cool, smart, sometimes even funny women that’s what WREN is all about. It’s women investors teaching women just like you how to accelerate their real estate business. 

For a limited time this Buy and Hold Case Study is available to EVERYONE and specially tailored to those who might not have experienced the WREN community. Find out what the Women’s Real Estate Network is all about! Don’t miss this unique event!  


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