WREN July Monthly Meeting Presents

Finding Deals Through Motivated Seller Leads

July 12, 2022
05:00-06:00 PM PST
Cortney Jones

It’s no secret that in most states the inventory is low and the deals are slim picking, especially if you’re relying on the MLS and agents.  In the dynamic world of real estate investing, one of the keys to success lies in discovering lucrative deals that offer excellent returns. While there are numerous strategies to acquire properties, one approach that often yields fruitful results is focusing on motivated sellers. These individuals are highly motivated to sell their properties quickly, usually due to personal or financial circumstances. By targeting motivated sellers, investors can often secure properties at below-market prices, unlocking the potential for substantial profits. Maybe it’s time to find your own deals ~ no license required!!!


Yes, Count Me In!

Join us to learn how Cortney Jones, a 33 year Creative Real Estate Investor . . . 

  • has 30+ deals flooding her inbox each and every day so she can cherry pick the ones she REALLY wants
  • uncovers secret insider information of motivated sellers who are ready and willing to sell their properties to you
  • finds deals for wholesaling, rehabbing and buy/hold with a few clicks and a little know how
  • can focus her attention on things like family, friends, and volunteering while she prospects on auto-pilot
  • finds investing opportunities with increased efficiency and seller motivation

With increased interest rates it’s harder and harder to find deals that WORK and are profitable.  Now, is the time to Understanding Motivated Sellers and Master the Motivated Seller Game!

Motivated sellers are property owners who have a compelling reason to sell their homes or investment properties promptly. The reasons behind their motivation can vary widely, including financial difficulties, relocation, divorce, inheritance, foreclosure, or other personal circumstances. For these sellers, time is of the essence, and they are often willing to accept lower offers in exchange for a quick sale.

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At WREN meetings you meet other women investors, prospective partners, and mentors. You gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your business development. We care about your success.


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Finding Deals Through Motivated Seller Leads


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Wednesday, July 12, 2022


5:00 -6:30pm (PST)



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At WREN meetings you meet prospective partners, mentors. You gain access and deal flow and the necessary resources that will foster your business development. We care about your success.

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