Cashflow Investing: Out of the Box Alternatives and Opportunities

How do you get more time to do what you love? Cashflow!  Join us! Learn a variety of ways to get those streams of income flowing toward YOU!!  We will  talk about Real Estate, sip wine and network with other amazing women!  

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Have the headlines of Seattle housing market prices got you reeling? Are you wondering where and how to jump in if you don’t have the cash to buy an $750,000 fixer upper?  Investing in the local market is great, but there are smaller dollar options out there just waiting to be explored. Your network of amazing WREN investors are ready to talk alternatives!

Deborah, the founder of WREN and Elisabeth, someone you know who is “really Investing” will talk about out of state investments, multifamily, syndications, and even out of country agriculture.  Enjoy a panel of talented and savvy investors talk truth about why they looked outside of their zip code and how you can too.

What: Cashflow Investing: Out of the Box Alternatives and Opportunities

When: Wednesday, June 7th, 7:00-9:00 PM

WhereMicrosoft Store – University Village

  2624 Northeast University Village Street, Seattle, WA

Cost: $20.00 at the door. Cash or major credit cards accepted.

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Whether, you are a seasoned Real Estate professional or simply interested in learning what Real Estate can do for you, this is the place where you can share, learn and grow your network in a fun and supportive environment.

Overcoming challenges seems less daunting when you know that you have a group of women that have blazed a path in advance.  Joining a network of successful leaders who have “been there and done that” puts you in good company to achieve your Real Estate goals. 

Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN) is a National organization with two active chapters and six additional chapters coming in 2017.  WREN means that you are part of an unstoppable force of women real estate business thinkers.  We create an environment where women in real estate thrive and excel! We attract amazing female real estate professionals, flippers, lenders, syndicators and developers who want to empower and collaborate with other women and learn from each other. 

We come together to swap ideas, share stories, and spark inspiration. Oh, and have FUN while doing it!  

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Wine, soda and light refreshments will be served.  

About our Speakers

Deborah Razo, www.deborahrazo.comhas a flare for fixing and flipping properties, from purchase, rehabbing, through marketing and sales.  Her extensive toolkit allows her to locate properties, analyzing market values, craft offers, negotiate, and assemble teams to maximize profit. 

A seasoned investor, Deborah has real estate in Tennessee, Arizona and California. She has Multifamily and “Plexes” and flips a bit too. As the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN), she created a community where women in real estate excel and empower each other.  Coaching others to succeed by following in her rich experiences has helped countless new investors and flippers.

Deborah’s unique background in Entrepreneurial Management from UCLA and her rigorous training to become one of the few trainers’ worldwide in the international Tony Robbins organization makes her a valuable coach and entrepreneur.  <a>Contact Deborah</a> to learn how she can help you!

<a>Elisabeth Embry</a> is a real estate investor, lender and people-connector. Elisabeth has spent more than 10 years building skills and knowledge in the many ways to gain passive income through real estate to establish a multi-million-dollar portfolio throughout the U.S. and globally. A passionate mentor and coach, she excels in bringing the new investor through the tough “start-up” processes and shares her tools, techniques and connections to help them be successful. Hear her new podcast on iTunes: Women Investing Network.

Prior to her years as a real estate investor, Elisabeth held leadership roles at Amazon, T-Mobile, IBM and Expedia; 20+ years of executive experience at Fortune 500 companies. She knows what it is like to work the corporate job and build a Real Estate dynasty on the side. From strategy, through planning to execution and delivery, Elisabeth is a true product lifecycle leader in technology AND real estate. Her passion to give back has fueled her ability to be a highly sought after mentor and coach. If you need help jumping into real estate, contact