Learn how to build your Real Estate Dream Team!!!

You can accelerate your success in real estate with a dream team. A team that includes realtors, lenders, lawyers, accountants, contractors, inspectors, escrow, title and more.

This month you will learn

How to SELECT the best of the best
What QUESTIONS you should be asking
What EXPERIENCE you should expect
How to NEGOTIATE, especially when it effects your bottom line
How to SOLVE problems…and they will arise

Lenska Bracknell, Broker & Investment Specialist
Will share the team she uses for her residential properties, short sales, trustee sales, multi-family, investment properties, cash deals, fix & flip, land development, manufactured homes, accessory dwelling units.

You can’t do it alone, nor do you want to!

Shaune B. Arnold, Esq. Finney Arnold LLP
Brings 25 years of experience to the table. Registering copyrights and trademarks, conducting mergers and acquisitions, facilitating real estate development and acquisition deals, and structuring strategic alliances between companies.

Get it in writing… to protect you, your client and your business.

Desiree Doubrox, Founder of An Empowered Woman & HomWork
As a agent, broker and investor since 1989, I appreciate the value of a good team. Learn how to find and vet someone who is excellent at their craft, reliable, efficient and takes on your project as it was their own. You have to be fast and efficient to
be profitable.

You have to build your team to implement your dream.

Join us for the training, networking, sips, dips…and FUN!

Whether, you are a seasoned Real Estate professional or simply interested in learning what Real Estate can do for you, this is the place where you can share, learn and grow your network in a fun and supportive environment.

We attract amazing female real estate professionals, flippers, lenders, syndicators and developers who want to empower and collaborate with other women to learn from each other.

Overcoming challenges seems less daunting when you know that you have a group of women that have blazed a path in advance. Joining a network of successful leaders who have “been there and done that” puts you in good company to achieve your goals.

Our meetings are 100% content from women who are sharing their real life experiences.

RSVP today and bring a girlfriend!

About Our Chapter Leader……
As a entrepreneur since the age of 12, Desiree Doubrox is currently the Founder/CEO of An Empowered Woman and HomWork. With over 50 years of experience in business and 30 years in real estate, she brings her experience and expertise to supporting women who are starting fixing and building their businesses. Now that’s empowering!

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Until then…

Live where you work. Work where you live.
Anywhere in the world.