Ask, Answer, Act! How to Lead You and Your Team To a Powerful Real Estate Year!

Ask, Answer, Act! When doing your next real estate deal, don’t let anyone tell you “You can’t do this, or you can’t do that”… ask a better question like “How can we do this?.” Great leaders know the power of asking great questions and the power of questions can guide you and your team to financial success.

Join us to learn how the power of questions can get you where you want to go in real estate. This talk will end with a real estate case study.

Have you mastered the art of asking questions? What questions can you use to learn and grow, connect with people, challenge yourself and improve your team? If you want better answers, you’ve got to ask better questions.

Learn the skills required to lead people (and yourself) in your real estate business:
• Direct focus and open up possibilities in your clients and your team
• Better understand what motivates a person
• Increase profits by how you lead others
• Utilize your strengths to move forward in your business

We will discuss why questions are so important, what questions you should ask yourself as a leader, and what questions you should be asking your team. You’ll learn and practice the process of asking questions that provide answers that propel you forward.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned leader at the top of your game or a newcomer wanting to take the first steps in Real Estate, this event will change the way you look at questions and improve your leadership life.

“The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of the question you ask” – Tony Robbins

Meeting $20.00 – Bring a guest FOR FREE!

* something to take notes with & plenty of business cards

Our Speaker: Deborah Razo – Founder of WREN/Real Estate Investor/Coach

Always an independent spirit, Deborah started her first business in 1990. After owning and partnering in several successful small businesses, she realized that her path to financial freedom was through real estate investing. In addition to her business degree and graduate certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, Deborah expanded her investing education in 2011 with a series of intensive workshops with Robert Kiyosaki, The Real Estate Guys, Jason Hartman and more. She found that she has a flare for fixing and flipping properties, from purchase, rehabbing, marketing and sale processes to tools and techniques for locating properties and analyzing market values to capitalize on opportunities for profit. With an expertise in renovation and team management, Deborah began purchasing foreclosures in the Memphis area and now owns single family there and multifamily in Tuscon, AZ. She is currently still flipping in Los Angeles and is now developing fourplexes.

Deborah is also a Trainer for the Tony Robbins organization learning the skills to help others overcome challenges, create lasting change in their lives and step into levels of success beyond anything they thought possible.