Three Insights To Become A Master At Raising Capital

Three Insights to Become a Master at Raising Capital

By Jen Maldanado I strongly believe that the United States of America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. There are trillions of dollars flowing through our economy. Each of us has the opportunity to tap into that abundance while increasing investors and personal wealth. Each of us. Imagine that your phone ringing constantly with more calls and money than you can handle for your deals or other’s people deals. Investors are offering you hundreds of thousands or…

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Low Down, Dirty Lending Tips

Low Down, Dirty Lending Tips

by Caeli Ridge One of the most heavily weighted (if not the most weighted) criteria for qualifying for any full doc mortgage is DTI (debt to income ratio) that is monthly debts vs the monthly income we can prove. DTI can be a tricky thing to understand let alone try to quantify from an underwriter’s perspective. So here’s what you need to know. Most mortgages will be based on a 50% max DTI. That’s verifiable monthly income/monthly debt. For W-2…

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Time To Become A Cash Queen!

Time to become a Cash Queen!

When it comes to making money in real estate investing, there are really only a few (three actually) of ways to do it. The three reasons to be in real estate are Cash Now, Cash Monthly and Cash Later. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.  1) CASH NOW Let’s face it, we need money to live and pay the bills. Without this cash, we would have to go back and work for “the man”. If you’re…

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Nine Pitfalls To Avoid When Flipping Houses Part 2

Nine Pitfalls to Avoid When Flipping Houses Part 2

By Iris Veneracion In the last article, I dove into the first five pitfalls to avoid when flipping a house. If you didn’t read it, go do it now. What I am about to share is a distilled list of many of the mistakes I did as a rehabber…so hopefully you won’t make the same…and if they happen, you just have to forgive yourself!! After all, some things you just need to go through to learn it. Ok, let’s get…

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Nine Pitfalls To Avoid When Flipping Houses Part 1

Nine Pitfalls to Avoid When Flipping Houses Part 1

By Iris Veneracion With the popularity of all the TVs shows, flipping houses is trending more than ever! So if this is something you are looking to get into, read on for a hit list of things to avoid as you venture into this exciting and very lucrative business. I did my first flip back in 2003 while working my W2. Within 3 months of closing that first flip, I fired my boss and bought nine houses that cash flowed…

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Kick Up Your Heels For These Top 3 Time Tips For Women Real Estate Investors (and Cool Apps We Use)!

Kick Up Your Heels for these top 3 Time Tips for Women Real Estate Investors (and cool apps we use)!

One of the biggest differences we have found in the most successful real estate investors is their ability to manage their time. And for ladies, it’s even more important to learn time tips for women real estate investors. Besides making money fast (and lots of it), one of the most popular reasons for getting into real estate investing is for the freedom and free time it can deliver. For those that really want to find success in this industry, they…

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Your Next Bold Move, Creating The Future You Want In 2018!

Your Next Bold move, creating the future you want in 2018!

How can people really change their lives? How can you change your life? How do you get to live you wanted to live? Where do you start? Did you know that 95% of the people who set New Year’s resolutions NEVER follow through? The reason is that most people don’t understand the process of how to produce lasting results—and they never take ANY steps. Following are five bold moves to help you create the future you want. We all go…

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Do You Suffer The NO ONE CAN DO IT AS WELL AS ME Syndrome?

Do you suffer the NO ONE CAN DO IT AS WELL AS ME syndrome?

Not good. But I can understand where you’re coming from. It may even be true, but guess what? It doesn’t matter. You need to dump that attitude and start delegating to your team or you won’t grow. What I mean is that you won’t grow as a person and your business won’t grow. You won’t hit your goals if you keep doing, doing, doing on your own. No one get to their goals alone. Let’s take a look at this…

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On Fire: WREN’s Recent Women’s Ignite 2017 Event Was A Hit!

On Fire: WREN’s Recent Women’s Ignite 2017 Event Was a Hit!

There is nothing quite as powerful as a room full of entrepreneurial-minded women there to learn from each other and the speakers on stage. That’s exactly what happened at WREN’s Ignite Your Fire Within event at the Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City, Calif., October 21st. The event was so well-received that maybe the venue should be renamed to be Sportswoman’s Lodge. LOL Talk about powerful... the panels and speakers really lit up the stage!! First up was the panel on…

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The 3 Top Benefits Of Building A Team

The 3 Top Benefits of Building a Team

In my last article we dove into the importance of networking. If you read it, you learned why growing your network can positively impact your net worth. (If you didn’t read it, go do it now.) Your big takeaway from reading that piece is that something great happens when you network. You start doing more deals in real estate! Before you know it you’ll need a team to help you manage things. That’s what you’ll learn in this article. But…

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