5 Tips For Better Flips

5 Tips for Better Flips

Hello WREN community and WREN members this is Iris Veneracion reporting from the field. I've been on the road at home from a property and want to share with you five tips for better flips! Tip #1 – I want you to understand the contractor trifecta. Imagine a triangle and on the top of the triangle I want you to write down “good” and on the side of the triangle I want you to write down “fast” and on the other…

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WREN’s Ignite And Innovate 2021

WREN’s Ignite and Innovate 2021

We are entering a new era. We are moving toward bold and passionate living. Now, it the time to foster our creativity. And to honor others who are paving the way innovating before us. That’s what Ignite and Innovate is all about! Find out more at www.IgniteAndInnovate.com Yes, this is a ONE DAY EVENT that is POWER-PACKED with real estate’s most forward-thinking women investors! Meet women who are… Buying Real Estate with blockchain Building and developing GREEN modular homes Building…

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Low Down, Dirty Lending Tips From Caeli Ridge

Low Down, Dirty Lending Tips from Caeli Ridge

One of the most heavily weighted (if not the most weighted) criteria for qualifying for any full docmortgage is DTI (debt to income ratio) that is monthly debts vs the monthly income we can prove. DTI can be a tricky thing to understand let alone try to quantify from an underwriter’s perspective. So here’s what you need to know. Most mortgages will be based on a 50% max DTI. That’s verifiable monthly income/monthly debt. For W-2 and wage earners the income calc is…

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What Do Real Estate Horror Stories And Japanese Art Have In Common?

What do Real Estate Horror Stories and Japanese Art have in common?

I’ve recently become aware of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, a process of mending broken pottery using gold resin, sometimes referred to mean “golden repair.” In this art form, not only is there no attempt to hide the damaged seam of the broken ceramic, but the repair is literally illuminated with gold. I find the results fascinating and elegant. (Take a look below.)This art form is seen as a metaphor for brokenness and healing—that embracing one’s brokenness and imperfections can…

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Become A Cash Queen!

Become a Cash Queen!

Become a Cash Queen!  When it comes to making money in real estate investing, there are really only a few (three actually) of ways to do it.  The three reasons to be in real estate are Cash Now, Cash Monthly and Cash Later. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.  1. CASH NOW  Let’s face it, we need money to live and pay the bills. With out this cash we would have to go back and work for “the man”. …

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Keep Your Eye On The Prize, Cashflow

Keep Your Eye On the Prize, Cashflow

  When you’re looking at investment properties, you’re definitely looking for those you want to hold onto. In short, you’re always exploring your options. And, boy, when it comes to looking at all the different properties that are available to you in the world there are a whole lot of options to consider!  Buy-and-hold is my favorite strategy for several reasons:  It gives you greater stability. Every month I know the cashflow I’ll be earning per door. If that is a single-family…

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Thank You For Your Energy!

Thank you for your energy!

I’m still vibrating from the energy generated at Ignite Your Fire Within… and “This girl is on fire…” keeps ringing in my ears! Here is a highlight video of the FIRE🔥 at Ignite!First I’d like to say THANK YOU to all the attendees. I do not take the blessing of your time and attention for granted. THANK YOU for welcoming me into your inbox to share about our Ignite event and more about growing your real estate business.THANK YOU for your smart questions, Instagram and Facebook comments and…

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How To Reach Your Goals

How to Reach Your Goals

Are you reaching your success goals?If not, why not?The answer may surprise you. You can either learn HOW to do something – or – you can find the right WHO. I know a lot of stuff. Although,I love learning and I’m a lifelong learner what I want is to find people who have already figured it out, and work with them. If you can find the right WHO, they bring the HOW with them. A lot of times people are trying…

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What Does Proximity Have To Do With Anything?

What does proximity have to do with anything?

If you don’t take anything other than the following statement away from reading this article, take this to heart:  Proximity is power. So, what does proximity have to do with anything?   When you don't know what to do, your life is going off the rails and you're neglecting some area, and you can come to a place, get perspective and see other people doing stuff, it is REALLY valuable. When you put yourself in the same space as successful entrepreneurs and real…

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Want To Go Further Faster? Grow Your Network

Want to go further faster? Grow your network

  We want to reach our goals and realize success from our efforts. The good news is that we can achieve what we want, but we have to do a few things first. It starts with a shift in our mindset. And then a shift in whom we choose to hang out with.  You’ve heard the old saying, “Your net worth is equal to your network”? Well, that begins to grow exponentially when you take a good look at those you surround yourself…

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