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Deborah Razo

Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Coach
Founder of the Women’s Real Estate Network

Always an independent spirit, Deborah started her first business in 1990. After owning and partnering in several successful small businesses, she realized that her path to financial freedom was through real estate investing. Deborah has a flare for fixing and flipping properties, from purchase, rehabbing, marketing and sale processes to tools and techniques for locating properties, analyzing market values, timely decision making to capitalize on opportunities, crafting offers, negotiating, effective due diligence, budgeting, assembling teams, hiring contractors, staging and marketing the sale for profit. With an unsurpassed expertise in renovation and team management, Deborah began purchasing foreclosures in the Memphis area. After only 5 years, she now controls over $3 million in real estate. She is currently focusing her energy on partnering with investors seeking financial freedom through the acquisition of single-family and multi-family assets.

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