RE Lowdown R1

Thank you for your energy!

I’m still vibrating from the energy generated at Ignite Your Fire Within… and “This girl is on fire…” keeps ringing in my ears!
Here is a highlight video of the FIRE🔥 at Ignite!

First I’d like to say THANK YOU to all the attendees. I do not take the blessing of your time and attention for granted. 

THANK YOU for welcoming me into your inbox to share about our Ignite event and more about growing your real estate business.

THANK YOU for your smart questions, Instagram and Facebook comments and your beautiful emails. We’ve read each and every one! But most importantly… THANK YOU for being brave, kind and wholeheartedly ambitious and sharing your dreams with us and our community (we LOVE that about YOU!)

Now maybe the Ignite buzz, has worn off. I know how scary it can feel to step outside of the conventional box and do something different with your life. I understand how challenging it is to build and grow something out of nothing.

Here’s the thing, prosperity in all its forms is your birthright.  Keep dreaming. Keep leading with your heart. 
I’m in your corner and I believe in you. 
(So is IRIS, and any other WREN member!)

My hope is that there’s been something — an idea, a concept, or even a story — that’s been shared at WREN that has sparked you into action. (Get it sparked… Ignite, lol) I promise, if you make a commitment to keep growing and learning and surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

You can still join our membership, please complete this registration to sign up.  It’s important that you register now so you can get started on your journey. If you don’t join us, that’s okay too. We will be here to encourage with actionable ideas and inspiration. 

In other words, we aren’t going anywhere unless you unsubscribe and want us out of your inbox.No matter what, stay on your game because the world really does need that special gift that only you have.
With gratitude and of course a little fire! 🔥

Deborah Razo,
Founder, Women’s Real Estate Network