Want to go further faster? Grow your network


We want to reach our goals and realize success from our efforts. The good news is that we can achieve what we want, but we have to do a few things first. It starts with a shift in our mindset. And then a shift in whom we choose to hang out with. 

You’ve heard the old saying, “Your net worth is equal to your network”? Well, that begins to grow exponentially when you take a good look at those you surround yourself with in business and in life.

So what’s all this about networking growing your net worth?

It’s true.  I didn’t just make this up. Some of the greatest minds on the planet will tell you that growing your network by networking with likeminded individuals will push you toward your goals faster. Networking is, after all, about supporting one another in our goals. That’s why a few of us ladies in real estate investing started WREN!

As a networking organization specifically for women interested in real estate investing and learning different strategies to create a good passive income for themselves, WREN does its best to spread the message to make powerful allies with women in business… especially when it comes to real estate investing!!

In a likeminded group where we all meet up to share ideas and get our questions about real estate investing answered, we pack a powerful punch.  

We are only one month away from our big IgniteEvent

That’s the most exciting thing about real estate investing. There are so many ways to do deals and earn income from participating. 

What else do you need to do to move closer to your goals of success? Here’s a short list of to-do’s for you to follow:

  • Grow your network over time to include those who love real estate investing and entrepreneurial endeavors as much as you do and from whom you can learn new things.
  • Meet new people who share your passion in a safe space… like WREN events and like our annual gathering Ignite Your Fire Within (👈🏻Link)
  • Create a strong community. Keep building new relationships and stay in touch with everyone you meet. With today’s technologies, staying in touch is pretty easy. Add people to your social media channels and make sure you stay on topic, talking about entrepreneurial topics and real estate investing. (Do not be negative or complain on your pages – that’s not what you’re there for.)  
  • Stand guard of your mind and your healthy mindset by reading lots of books and articles (and by watching related videos) that have to do with positive mindset, business-building practices, deal structures, biographies of those who have come before you in your area of interest and best practices in real estate investing. (It won’t hurt you to read Think and Grow Rich a few times, because it’s the book that started it all.)
  • Feed and strengthen your body. That may sound odd, but a healthy body supports a healthy mindset, which in turn keeps you strong and allows success to more easily enter the door of your life!!
  • Find the invincible spirit within. This may sound “heady” but it’s true… When you  fall, get up and keep trying. When you weaken, call someone in your network to get a bit of a pick-me-up. Learn from others’ experiences and stay strong. We have all gone through challenges in our lives and we’re still here; we’re still breathing; we’re still working toward our goals. If it was all really easy, it wouldn’t feel as good to get to our goals, would it? Truth is that we need a bit of challenge. So embrace yours and move on. 

Hope to see you soon, out there growing your network AND your net worth!