December Kind Words

Can you believe we’re a few weeks away from the end of the year?! My goodness. It all goes by so fast, doesn’t it? 2018 has been filled with extraordinary growth *and* some extraordinary challenges. If this year has been tough on you and those you love, I understand.

Many years ago a girlfriend and I had a phrase we would use when we were juggling a lot: K.I.T. Yes, “KIT.” It stood for “keep it together.” Lately, this little phrase has been showing up in my

Sometimes it might feel like no one sees all your hard work. Your commitment to not giving
up … All of the gazillion things you do every single day…

Just wanted you to know that everyone here is rooting for you,

We really are!

You’re juggling a lot. You’ve got blessings — no doubt. But you’re also doing your best to navigate some challenges, too.

Those tough times don’t come out of ‘nowhere.’ They come precisely when you’re ready to grow and be more of who you
really are.

You’re so much stronger than you realize.

Be good to yourself. Rest when you can. Don’t forget to laugh and have fun.

Your effort matters. Your dedication counts. It is all making a difference — even though youmay not be able to see it quite yet.

With love and light,