Time Tips For Women Real Estate Investors

Kick Up Your Heels for these top 3 Time Tips for Women Real Estate Investors (and cool apps we use)!

One of the biggest differences we have found in the most successful real estate investors is their ability to manage their time. And for ladies, it’s even more important to learn time tips for women real estate investors.

Besides making money fast (and lots of it), one of the most popular reasons for getting into real estate investing is for the freedom and free time it can deliver. For those that really want to find success in this industry, they need to become extremely efficient with their time. So it only makes sense for investors to take advantage of the best time management tools and strategies to speed up their success and compound the amount of free time to spend with friends, family and following their other passions (like shoes).

Your expertise in all the areas that are required to be a diva investor is completely wasted if you’re distracted, scrambling, or otherwise inefficient.  Pay attention to these time management tips and tools and you’ll be on your way to reaching an entirely new level of success in your investing career.

The successful real estate investors follow these three important steps:

  1. Focus on projects AND activities that will help you achieve goals your working toward.

    Have a Clear Objective In The First Place. You’ve probably heard the quote, “If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will do.” The best place to begin thinking about time management is to have a clear goal in mind, given whether you want to be an active investor or a passive investor.  Take some time to determine exactly what you want your financial picture to look like in 12 months, 36 months, 60 months, and 10 years.  Once you have your “end picture” in mind, you will be much more effective in determining what kind of properties will help you achieve your goals. Remember that the investment properties are simply an investment vehicle to help you get to your ultimate financial goals.

  2. Be fierce about spending time ON your business!

    Block Time to Work “On” Your Investment Business.  This is a biggy. Every single week, without fail, block time to work “on” your investment business. The idea of working “on” vs “in” your business works like magic. You’ll want to set aside time to strategize on your business, without interruption. This is more difficult to do these days with phone calls, text messages, kids screaming, but when you block time off, include blocking off ALL interruptions. This is your time to focus on how to increase the income from your investment real estate. Where can you increase income? What type of property would be your next purchase? How can I decrease expenses, and increase cash flow? Questions like these are what you should focus your efforts on. I like to do this at the beginning of the week, and the ideas I get during these sessions help guide my activities for the rest of the week.

  3. Be consistent until it becomes a habit.

    Consistently ask yourself, “Is what I am doing right now going to help me get the results I want to achieve?”  This is a great checkpoint of whether you are being most effective with your time. Are you working on the projects and activities that will help achieve your financial goals?

What I am really sharing with you here is that successful time management is all about your habits, and maintaining focus on your results. Make the decision to be more effective in your business and you’ll be in that new pair of Jimmy Choo’s in no time!

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