Your Next Bold Move

Your Next Bold move, creating the future you want in 2018!

How can people really change their lives? How can you change your life? How do you get to live you wanted to live? Where do you start?

Did you know that 95% of the people who set New Year’s resolutions NEVER follow through? The reason is that most people don’t understand the process of how to produce lasting results—and they never take ANY steps.

Following are five bold moves to help you create the future you want. We all go through transitions in life – some are major interruptions and some are just small changes that make us want to strive towards our full potential. But how do you identify what to focus on at this point in your life? What habits and tools can you use to become your best self? How do you make great decisions and overcome fear?

Here are five bold moves to propel you forward!

  1. FIRST BE EXPRESSIVE! Learn to become more expressive with what we really want, need, hope for and dream for. We need straightforward communication. If something is important to you and you haven’t said the words – say them. Share more of ourselves. Be more of who we are. Tell the world. The test is that we start to fear our true self. The main motivation of humankind is our push to have more personal freedom. Be more of who we truly are and go after what we want. The only way to start that journey is to be expressive with the people around us.
  2. SECOND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MORNING! Stop the distractions (email, FB, texting) Give yourself the gift of making a plan for the day. If you start your morning off on a bad foot, it’s hard to recover your day. A plan prevents you from being in reaction all day, it puts you in a place of being center, focused and on purpose. Carve out some time to plan your day.
  3. THIRD ACHIEVE THREE THINGS EVERY DAY. Don’t be in avoidance. You have a bunch of stuff to do each day. We all have a bunch going on. Sometimes there are so many little things to do that we never get to the tough things. If you’re never doing the tough things that move your life forward then you’re life never moving forward. Do the things we are avoiding first. It’s easy to prioritize to easy. If we learn to get comfortable with things that make us uncomfortable we gain mastery over life. They are the things you’ve been waiting to do. Well, do them!
  4. FOURTH LEARN TO ASK FOR HELP. Asking the team to support you. Asking your husband to help you. Asking your business partner for ideas. Ask yourself, “do I know anyone that can help me?” Your dreams deserve you to raise your hand and ask for help more often.
  5. FIFTH DEMAND THE BEST OF YOURSELF. Condition yourself to ask this question… How would my highest self-handle this situation? Things are going crazy, the kids, the business deal, you can give in or you can stand back and say how would my highest self-respond to this situation. Bring the best of who you are.

Try these BOLD MOVES to be your best self, overcome fear, master your focus and prioritize your days.  Get to your goals faster than ever!