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On Fire: WREN’s Recent Women’s Ignite 2017 Event Was a Hit!

There is nothing quite as powerful as a room full of entrepreneurial-minded women there to learn from each other and the speakers on stage.

That’s exactly what happened at WREN’s Ignite Your Fire Within event at the Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City, Calif., October 21st. The event was so well-received that maybe the venue should be renamed to be Sportswoman’s Lodge. LOL

Talk about powerful… the panels and speakers really lit up the stage!!

First up was the panel on Investments where attendees learned what makes a good investment and why, where to find deals and a whole lot more. Audience members were invited to ask questions at the mic, and there were some excellent questions. Plus a whole lot of sharing of the women’s personal journeys.

On that panel were the very talented and accomplished ladies in real estate investing, Iris Veneracion, Ginger Hernandez, Jennifer Maldonado, Paige Panzarello, Dawn Rickabaugh and Terri Garner O’Leary. Each of these women have earned their stripes in their particular niches.

Next up in panel #2, Christina Suter, Monique Rad-Stein, Jillian Sidoti, Caeli Ridge, Elizabeth Braman and Alia Ott shared their knowledge and insights into the funding side of the fence. Each brought their own flare and flavor to the topics of funding and structuring deals. As the audience learned, there are lots of ways to skin a cat when it comes to funding real estate investment properties. In fact, one of the takeaways was that the funding should come first even before you look for a deal.

Questions were taken from audience members who were eager to learn more. Ah, the mind of the inquisitive woman! But isn’t that why we become involved in real estate investing in the first place? There is so much to learn and do that it is mind-blowing!

Lunch followed the panels and it was delicious. In fact, there were many menu items from which to choose. From salads to quiche to a variety of sandwiches and some of the best desserts you can imagine, WREN gave us lots of options.

Attendees were provided the opportunity to enter raffles, win great prizes, get their photo taken and visit several partner booths operated by likeminded vendor-partners. These sponsors helped WREN create a truly memorable event, the first of many to come!

After lunch, attendees were treated to Keynote speaker Beth Clifford, an accomplished real estate entrepreneur who just six years prior started with a big plot of land in Belize. What she created on this land is a beautiful resort. As a result she is now one of the top employers in Belize, thus helping the economy of that area. In turn, this helps boost the livelihood and lives of the people of Belize.

Beth’s energetic speaking style had the audience pumped up and standing up from time to time. One of the insights Beth shared resonated with each and every member of the audience. It wasn’t just about her singular journey into investing, but moreover the challenges she has faced and continues to face, how to deal with the fear behind moving forward to our success goals, and how while things at the macro level look like everything’s under control that at the micro level it’s much like a scribbling tornadoes on a big piece of paper that go in every direction.

Next up was Mindset Coach, Dr. Connie Osterholt, who shared how vision works. She had the audience members close their eyes as she took them on an imaginary journey through storytelling. The end result is that we all learned to stop trying so hard to find the diamonds in our lives; they may well be just feet away, free for us to take. Relating this to real estate investing, opportunities are literally everywhere. They are ours to take if only we will open our eyes and allow ourselves to see them.

Networking was a part of this wonderful women’s event, too. Attendees could be heard to say how unique it was that they got to meet other women entrepreneurs and how they are a bit weary of male-dominated events where women are definitely not found in great numbers.

In fact – here is what Christina had to say…

We look forward to hosting our next big event. As soon as we have information, we will share it with you. We’ll be sure to give you an early bird price if you are among the first to sign up.

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