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Don’t Fix Your Man; Fix a Property Instead!!

Have a man in your life?

Does he make you crazy at times?

Are there things you want to “fix” in him that you don’t like?

News flash: You can’t!! So don’t try.

If there’s something to fix, he’ll have to figure it out and fix it himself!

You’re better off spending your time fixing and flipping properties. While it’s easy enough to find men who are “fixers” it will bring more to your life if you find properties that are “fixers” and then fix them instead.

What brings this to mind is a conversation I had with a friend recently. We were talking about relationships, dating and men. She reminded me about the “fixer” I used to date. You know… the guy with “potential” that we ladies will spend far too much time on trying to prove out our theory that he really does have potential…

With the end of that relationship I learned you simply can’t fix people. As much as I loved him, pumped him up, supported his ideas, and pushed and nudged and shoved, nothing ever changed in this man. And that’s when I redirected my energies to fixing houses to flip them for profits!

You want real control? Here’s what you need to know…

A lot of times we women will hold onto a relationship for far too long before we realize our mate isn’t the right fit. Hey, we’re loyal creatures that have a lot of hope, right?

However, you know that this behavior is also about control?

That’s right. We don’t want to lose control over our relationships. We want it to work out, darn it, no matter what! So we hang in there even when our friends and family are strongly suggesting that we need to end things with the guy who has “so much potential.”

Eventually we come to our senses and do just that… and we end up being happier in the long run. We also get to fess up to our loved ones that, yes, they were indeed right. Then the flood gates on their true feelings about your ex-man really open and the outpouring of their emotions might not feel great. Ouch!!

That’s when we should realize that we could have spent our time more productively. For me that means doing deals in real estate. For example, finding a real fixer-upper and then fixing it before selling the property for a good profit.

Talk about feeling a surge of great feminine control!!

As a flipper you have all the control regarding the outcome of the property. You get to make the decisions about what it will look like in the end. You get to decide…

  • Does it just need a bit of lipstick to give it more curb appeal?
  • Does it need a brand new outfit, like a great paint job outside and in?
  • Does it need a good face lift, like updating the kitchen and bathrooms?
  • Does it need a whole lot of cosmetic surgery, like updating and upgrading all the rooms?

In each case, you get to talk to different experts and decide what will be best for you and the property. You get to bring out the true potential of any property you take on. In the end you can proudly stand in front of that property and take a selfie with a great big smile on your face. (You two will look fabulous together!)

Then what? It’s another relationship!

Your next step is to find a buyer for the property.

Fortunately, that’s a short relationship, and it doesn’t have to be you who finds the buyer. Perhaps you can partner with a friend (an agent or broker) who can bring you buyers. Or maybe you’ll get good at chatting to people in your real estate investing groups and fellow members will refer you buyers. It could be your family and friends who bring you buyers. Truth is, the buyer can come from anywhere once they know you have something to sell them!!

Backing up, even before you get out there to find properties to fix up and flip, you need to work on your buyers’ list, which is easier than you might think. It’s actually something you need to keep putting your energies into… every day.

Every day you will meet people; every day you will let them know what you do; every day you will get conversations about real estate investing started. You will also commit to attending regular real estate investing education and networking events. (That’s a must!)

You will grow your network… and as you do you will also grow your net worth! That’s because you’ll start doing more and more deals. Think of it like dating… you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

In the case of fix-n-flipping properties, you go out of your way to find the frogs and then you turn them into princes. That’s what I call a whole lot of profitable fun!!!