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Tips on Keeping a Good Property Manager

What about those property managers who are doing a great job for you?

Just like kids who are doing what you ask and who don’t cause problems for you as a parent, you want to reward the heck out of property managers who are doing a great job.

  • Recognize them for what they are doing right… if possible, in public and in front of their work mates.
  • Reward them with a gift card to their favorite store or a Starbucks gift card. (If they love coffee, they’ll also love that reward. Plus, you can choose a card that expresses your thanks, because Starbucks has a wide range of thank you gift cards.)
  • Mention them in your newsletter if you have one. For example, you may have an email update to tenants that goes out monthly. Give a fun shout out to the property manager. That helps build a better relationship between tenants and the manager.
  • Send a handwritten thank you card. Yes, it’s an old-school move, but your property manager will be delighted that you took the time to send him/her a card of thanks. (Especially if it also contains a little gift card.)

The point is that when you recognize and reward good behaviors, you should get more of the same. Basic psychology supports the truth of that comment. And remember the golden rule… just like with your kids… admonish in private; praise in public!

So what about that short list of questions I ask my potential property managers? If you want it, click in the box below and grab your free copy!